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Goods for beauty salons

  • High quality, reliable and convenient goods for the provision of beauty salons, rehabilitation or treatment services. Durable, aesthetically designed pedicure chairs that are easy to maintain, maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Functional equipment of different models. 

    3495  - 3955 
    Chair for pedicure and podiatry PODO BASIC
    Code: PODO BASIC

    Length: 182 cm
    Width: 70 cm

    Height: 53-94 cm

    Permissible load: 225 kg
    Seat angle: 0 ° to + 25 °

    Backrest: 0 ° to 90 °
    Leg support: 0 ° to -90 ° 

    3495  - 3955 
  • Various pedicure chairs and other products for beauty salons with different properties are designed to ensure smooth and comfortable work, maximum comfort for both the specialist and the client. Pedicure chairs are made of durable, durable materials, so they are long-lasting, easy to maintain - their surface is easy to remove dirt and spills, these chairs can be disinfected and thus maintain the impeccable cleanliness and hygiene necessary for beauty and aesthetic procedures. A wide range of colors and a variety of models allow you to choose the most suitable solutions, the most necessary functions to meet the needs of the equipment and easily adapt to the interior or other inventory in the beauty salon and other spaces.