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Hygiene and care carts

  • Hygiene and care carts are designed to conveniently store and hygienically store various medical items. Trolleys can be of different capacities and configurations - different number and size of shelves, with and without hinged parts. 

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  • Hygiene and care carts are widely used in medical facilities because they are a convenient and practical solution for storing and storing many medical supplies. These trolleys are suitable for a variety of protective equipment - bathrobes, masks, gloves, as well as hygiene products - hand sanitizer fluids, towels, cloths and similar medical equipment. We offer a choice of several different models of hygiene and care carts, which vary in size, height, can be with shelves, folding compartments. Most of the trolleys are made of special medical plastic, they are easy to maintain - clean, wash, and can be disinfected with special disinfectants. Trolleys on wheels make it easy to move from one place to another.