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  • Bibs for adults are designed to protect bedding, patient clothing and other surfaces from stains and food debris. Bibs are made of a liquid-impermeable, reliably absorbent material. Užsegami nugarinėje dalyje, yra patogūs naudoti, lengvai prižiūrimi.  

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  • Bibs for adults are a medical textile product designed to ensure hygiene and patient comfort. Most bibs are fastened with metal clamps that are easy to fasten and hold firmly. High-quality cotton and polyester are typically used in the manufacture of bibs so that the product can both effectively absorb liquids and reliably retain them. Bibs have a modern and comfortable design, covering a large area of ​​the patient's clothing or other fabrics, protecting them from stains. They are washable, so no maintenance is required. Adult bibs are suitable for use in medical, treatment and nursing facilities, as well as they provide comfort and nursing at home.