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Medical Safety Straps

  • The safety of the patient, bystanders and caregivers is a top priority. Patient restraint belts, protective gloves and all other restraints are individually adapted and are intended for patients with impaired orientation, coordination and mental health. Patients are restless and endanger those around them. Lashing straps are a way to prevent injury to yourself and others. Commonly used and securely fastened with special magnetic buttons and locks, ensures maximum security. 

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  • Lashing straps and protective gloves are a means of protecting the patient and bystanders from possible injury. These protective measures are divided according to the parts of the body that are to be restrained. Safety belts can be used on the wrists, thighs, ankles, or other areas, fastened through the waist to minimize patient movement in bed.  All protective equipment is made of quality materials. Their locks are an advanced magnetic technology that ensures that the patient does not unfasten the straps or gloves himself. All measures are padded so as not to injure the body and provide as much comfort as possible. The lashing straps and gloves are comfortable to attach, making them ideal for use in situations where a quick response is required.