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Laundry Trolleys

  • Bedding Trolleys is making it easier to collect, transport and handle bedding or other laundry. Different configurations (single or multi-compartment trolleys) and different capacity bedding bags ensure a smooth and easy job.

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  • Bedding, medical sheets, shirts, pajamas and other textile products that need to be changed and washed periodically can be conveniently transported from one room to another in specially designed bedding trolleys. These wheelchairs are widely used in a variety of inpatient medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, and elsewhere for treatment or preventive health care. The trolleys can be single or multi-compartment, with bags of different capacities (for example, 80 liters or 120 liters and others). All wheelchairs are functional and manoeuvrable, making bedding and other laundry easy to store and carry. Using these wheelchairs makes work smoother and requires less physical effort.