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Medical Walkers

  • Walkers are a means of maintaining and maximizing mobility for as long as possible. Different types of walkers with wheels, elbow support, brakes, shopping baskets and other accessories are designed to facilitate routine and daily activities. 

  • In the event of a partial loss of mobility, mobility aids are particularly important. Walkers are one of the most popular solutions to increase and facilitate mobility. The wide range of models includes different types of products, which can be wheeled (making it easier to move from one place to another), with an integrated shopping cart (then easier not only to move, but also to shop), with handbrakes (for maximum safety), with elbow support (when it is difficult to maintain the center of gravity, more strain on the hands) and other options. Walkers can be used both in medical or rehabilitation facilities and at home, where the patient is allowed to achieve maximum mobility and comfort on the move.