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Medical Walkers

  • Walkers are a means of maintaining and maximizing mobility for as long as possible. Different types of walkers with wheels, elbow support, brakes, shopping baskets and other accessories are designed to facilitate routine and daily activities. 

    24000 - 27900
    Code: Dynawalk

    Frame material: aluminum

    Weight: 12,5 kg 

    Width adjustment range: 67,5–75 cm

    Length: 82 cm 

    Height adjustment range of forearm supports: 100-123 cm 

    Max. weight of user: do 135 kg 

    Front brakes: 2 pedal brakes integrated with wheels 

    Rear brakes: 2 pedal brakes integrated with wheels, gait speed adjustors 

    24000 - 27900
    Code: GEMINO 30
    Code: GEMINO 30

    Width: 61 cm
    Height: 98 - 111.5 cm (30); 
    Length: 65 cm
    Folded height: 97 cm (30); 
    Folded length: 65 cm
    Folded plot: 35.5 cm
    Seat height: 62 cm (30); 
    Turning radius: 84 cm
    Width between push handles: 25.5 cm
    Rear wheel size: 20 x 3.6 cm
    Front wheel size: 20 x 3.6 cm
    User height: 150 - 200 cm (30);
    Maximum user weight: 150 kg (30); 
    Total weight: 10.9 kg (30); 
    Maximum basket load: 5 kg 

    Walker FRANK
    Code: VCBK
    Walker FRANK
    Code: VCBK

    Width: 600 mm
    Height: 790-980 mm
    Seat width: 380 mm
    Weight: 10.2 kg
    Maximum load: 130 kg. 

    Walker with Three Wheels MOBILUS
    Code: VCBK222B

    Width: 67 cm
    Length: 70 cm
    Adjustable handle height: 77-88 cm
    Seat width: 35.5 cm
    Weight: 7.5 kg
    Maximum load: 136 kg 

    Walker with four wheels ROCKY
    Code: VCBK23231

    Width: 62 cm
    Seat height: 51-57 cm
    Adjustable handle height: 78 - 93 cm
    Seat width: 35 cm
    Weight: 7.3 kg
    Maximum load: 120 kg 

    Walking frame with wheels TRIPLA
    Code: TRIPLA

    Stepping walking frame with wheels 

    Walker with Three Wheels BILLY
    Code: VCBK52211


    Width (cm) 60.5
    Height (cm) 80 - 93.5
    Weight (kg) 5.5
    Maximum load (kg) 120 

    Walker with elbow support Vito
    Code: VCBK2A


    Width: 59 cm
    Length: 75 - 90 cm
    Height: 108 - 148 cm
    Maximum load 125 kg 

    Walker with elbow support KWL
    Code: Vaikštynė su atrama alkūnėms KWL
    Walker with elbow support KWL
    Code: Vaikštynė su atrama alkūnėms KWL


    Length: 750 mm
    Width: 720 mm
    Height: 920-1220 mm
    Adjustable width of the armrests outside: 630-810 mm
    Adjustable width of armrests inside: 350-540 mm
    Weight: 18.5 kg
    Maximum load: 170 kg 

  • In the event of a partial loss of mobility, mobility aids are particularly important. Walkers are one of the most popular solutions to increase and facilitate mobility. The wide range of models includes different types of products, which can be wheeled (making it easier to move from one place to another), with an integrated shopping cart (then easier not only to move, but also to shop), with handbrakes (for maximum safety), with elbow support (when it is difficult to maintain the center of gravity, more strain on the hands) and other options. Walkers can be used both in medical or rehabilitation facilities and at home, where the patient is allowed to achieve maximum mobility and comfort on the move.