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Thigh straps

  • The thigh straps ensure quick and effective restraint of the patient. The devices are secured with magnetic locks that act as guards to prevent the patient from unfastening the straps themselves. The belts are strong and durable, made of high quality materials. 

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  • Thigh straps are a safe and effective way to prevent injuries and potential risks to patient care. Comfortable belts make it easier to perform examinations, treatments or other necessary services, perform various procedures. The thigh straps are fastened with a magnetic lock so that the patient cannot unfasten them. It is a preventive measure to avoid a potential danger to the health or even life of the patient and bystanders, a serious health disorder. These thigh straps can be used with other restraint systems to provide even greater effect and safety when needed. The belts are made of durable, high-quality materials, so they are strong and durable, long-lasting.