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Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs

  • Trolley drivers for various models of trolleys. Universal, easy to attach, easy to use. Can be mounted on the front or rear of the trolley. An effective solution for motorizing conventional wheelchairs, facilitating movement and reducing the need for physical effort. 

    Wheelchair Power Add-On TRAIN-OX
    Code: TRAIN-OX

    Technical specifications:

    Total weight: 11.4 kg

    Set speed: 8.5 Km/h - 14.5 Km/h - 24.5 Km/h

    Max. load: 150 kg 

  • Wheelchair drivers are attached to various models of wheelchairs, making it a versatile and efficient solution to increase the mobility of classic wheelchairs. The drives are easy to install, easy to use, so it doesn’t complicate the routine, it just makes it easier. The trolley drives are rechargeable, their operation after charging and the charging time depend on the specific model selected. These solutions are highly functional and effective for short trips, walks or shopping, as they significantly reduce the need for physical effort. Electric wheelchair drives can be mounted in different parts of the wheelchair - at the front or rear, behind it. The specifics of the installation depend on the selected model.