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Multifunctional Trolleys

  • Convenient, mobile multifunctional trolleys can be used in procedural offices, wards or other spaces where mobile and comfortable solutions are required. These strollers are great for helping with medications, various medical devices or equipment. 

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  • Multifunctional wheelchairs for use in medical facilities, rehabilitation centers or other health care facilities ensure comfort and smooth operation. A wide range of medications, a variety of medical supplies, equipment, instruments, and other devices are at hand for patient examinations or procedures, making the multifunctional stroller capable of achieving maximum comfort. These trolleys are mobile, they can be moved from one room to another, on which you can prepare and store the necessary inventory for a specific case. This saves time and ensures even higher quality of services, smoother and more efficient work. Multifunctional wheelchairs can come in different sizes and models, so they are easy to choose according to the needs of each employee or the specifics of the medical services provided.