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Protective gloves

  • The purpose of protective gloves is to protect the patient and their carers from possible injury and danger to health or even life. These high-quality devices are secured with reliable locks, so the patient cannot remove and remove the gloves themselves. 

  • The measure is designed to effectively and quickly limit the patient's mobility, restrict movement, thus protecting him and those around him from health hazards. The belts are made of a combination of natural fiber and polyester, they are strong and of high quality. These gloves are attached to the patients' wrists, fixed with reliable locks, so they cannot be removed on their own, they limit the possibility of bending the palm and squeezing the fists. Protective gloves are made of high quality materials, so they are strong and durable. Priklausomai nuo modelio yra pasirūpinti ventiliacija, kad rankų oda galėtų kvėpuoti, nekaistų ir nesukeltų pacientui diskomforto.  These gloves are used when the patient's actions endanger himself and those around him, the behavior interferes with the provision of medical services or examinations.