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Absorbent pads

  • Absorbent mats to protect mattresses and other surfaces. Reliably retains liquids, easy to change, clean and wash. Absorbent pads are reusable, made of quality material, so they do not wear out for a long time, suitable for use in medical institutions and homes. 

  • Absorbent pads are designed to protect the bed and textiles from liquid damage, stains and other unpleasant situations. Depending on the model chosen, these pads can be standard or with flip handles that further facilitate patient care, routine, and cleanliness. Absorbent pads are reusable, can be cleaned or washed, and reliably insulate liquids from the surface. Most products are made so that the liquid that gets on the deck is absorbed into the deep layers and the top is left dry. This ensures patient comfort. Absorbent pads are made of high-quality, air-permeable material, which reduces the risk of sores and other skin ailments.