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Mattress protection

  • Mattress protection is designed to protect mattresses from liquids, stains, food residues. The guards are made of high quality, easy-care material. The range includes products of different models with different properties. Mattress protectors are suitable for use both in offices and at home. 

  • Various types of mattress protectors reliably protect the mattresses from damage by liquids, thus maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and longer service life. The guards are made of special materials that absorb liquids and dirt, protect against stains and accumulated bacteria, but at the same time ensure air permeability, so that patients feel comfortable, do not develop skin diseases, and reduce the risk of bedsores. Mattress guards can be of different models - they are fastened with rubber or zipper, as well as laid as separate waterproof mats (rubber glues). In our range, solutions will always be found by both medical institutions and relatives caring for patients at home. Guards make it easier to care for and more clean.