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Hydraulic lifts

  • Hydraulic lifts for the transfer of patients who have lost their mobility. Made of durable, durable materials, they are stable. The lifts are manoeuvrable, easy to transport, easy to operate, suitable for lifting the patient from different heights. We offer a choice of several types according to your needs. 

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  • Moving or lifting a patient who has lost all or part of their mobility can become a daunting task. Not only is it physically difficult for caregivers or staff, but choosing the wrong technique can also pose a risk to a patient’s health. Hydraulic lifts are a simple and convenient solution that can be used to efficiently move or lift a patient away from objects of different heights: chairs, shower chairs, beds or even the floor. Wide-range hydraulic lifts can be used in different locations, they are manoeuvrable and easy to transport. The lifts are wheeled, with several with brakes, making this tool sturdy and reliable.