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Mobile Patient Lifts

  • Mobile lifts - hydraulic and electric. Made of stainless steel, it is strong and durable. Mobile lifts are suitable for lifting the patient from different positions and different heights, reducing the risk of injuries and injuries. 

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  • Mobile lifts 

    You can find two types of mobile patient lifts in the Rehastar online store: 

    • Electric lifts - The mobile lift is electrically operated, with a battery. 
    • Hydraulic Lifts - The mobile hydraulic lift for the disabled is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder 

    How to choose a mobile lift? 

    • Evaluate the lift lift height range to assess if the lift is suitable for the desired height and if there is a possibility to lift the patient off the ground. 
    • Evaluate the maximum lift load to know if the lifts are suitable for your patients and the limits of the lift. 
    • It is also important to be aware of the chassis's ability to expand and contract to assess the suitability of the lift for maneuvering indoors. 
    • Whether the lift is aluminum or metal, aluminum lifts are lighter