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Foam mattresses

  • Medical foam mattresses are intended for use in medical institutions, nursing patients at home. Mattresses made of high quality foam are air permeable and can have different densities. Many models perform the function of prevention of bedsores. 

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  • Patients who spend a long time in bed have lost the ability to move fully or partially, often suffering from bedsores, which are manifested by increased sensitivity to pain in various parts of the body. Ulcers can cause blisters or sores on the skin, causing the patient to feel discomfort and pain. Medical foam mattresses are manufactured specifically to help protect bedridden patients from bedsores, reducing their chances or intensity. These mattresses are made of high-quality materials that are breathable, so the skin always breathes. We offer a choice from a wide range of different models of foam mattresses that best meet the needs of the patient or treatment facility.