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Height gauges

  • Height gauges for monitoring changes in height and assessing the general condition of the body. Different types of products are designed to measure the height of infants, children and adults. Height gauges can be horizontal for recumbent measurement or wall-mounted, vertical. 

  • Accurate, practical and easy-to-use height gauges to monitor changes in height for patients of all ages. It is especially important to follow changes in height at an early age and in infancy, when it changes extremely rapidly. To measure the height of babies, we suggest choosing horizontal height gauges, which are adapted to measure when lying down. To measure the height of children and adults who have already grown, we suggest choosing vertical, wall-mounted height gauges, which are pulled out when the measurement is made. These height gauges do not take up extra space, only a minimal body is attached to the wall, which does not obscure the space or load the room. The height measurement procedure should be performed periodically in patients of any age, as this allows a more accurate assessment of the overall condition of the body.