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Medical medicine cabinets

  • Medicine cabinets are designed to meet the storage needs of private clinics and hospitals. The medicine cabinets in various standard sizes are first class and meet all medical requirements. The cabinets are easy to clean, have a durable surface and soft-closing doors. You can also store medicines in a storage box or shelf, or keep them locked in medicine cabinets in a cool and dry place. 

    Medicine storage cabinets 606021
    Code: 606021

    Dimensions: 900x600x2030h mm 

    The wardrobe has 60 separate compartments. 

    Adjustable height legs 

    Medicine storage cabinets 606005
    Code: 606005

    Dimensions: 900x600x1470h mm

    The wardrobe has 30 separate compartments

    Adjustable height legs 

    Medicine storage cabinets
    Code: 606003

    Dimensions: 900x600x2030h mm

    The cabinet has 30 separate compartments

    3 drawers

    Adjustable height legs 

  • The medicine cabinet is designed to keep medicines and other hygiene products. They are often sealed or locked and placed so that they are inaccessible to patients or other patients.