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  • High quality aspirators are characterized by reliable operation and safe use, can be mobile and stationary. Aspirators meet safety requirements and can therefore be operated in medical facilities. Some models are also suitable for self-use in the home. 

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  • Mucus pumps are sold in this category. 

    Mucus aspirators, also called aspirators, are used to aspirate body fluids (mucus, sputum, blood). 

    Because the mucus pumps are automated, their operation is extremely simple and does not pose a problem even for an inexperienced user. Control is via the rotary knob, setting the desired suction intensity and using the on / off button. 

    Mucus extractors are adapted for bedridden patients and are made of materials that are safe for the human body. They are suitable not only for short-term but also long-term use, they are easy to handle and transport (thanks to special handles and light weight, these vacuum cleaners are extremely easy to transport). 

    Mucus aspirators are suitable for use in a variety of surgical interventions where body fluids accumulate. They are also used in the postoperative period. 

    The ability to transport high-capacity equipment provides all the conditions for the necessary actions in critical situations. 

    Light weight is one of the most important mandatory mucus extractors.