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Oxygen concentrators

  • Oxygen concentrators or oxygen production equipment are devices designed to perform oxygen treatment procedures. Oxygen concentrators filter the air and release oxygen from it, which it concentrates so that a person can inhale the required dose of oxygen. 

    Portable oxygen concentrator P5

    Technical specifications:

    Dimensions in cm (L x W x H): 21,6 x 8,4 x 18,5

    With single battery: 21,6 x 8,4 x 21,5  

    Weight: 2,4(including single batery) 

    Noise level: 44 dB 

    Oxygen cocentration*: 90% (-3% + 6%) at all settings

    Flow Control Settings: 20 positions: from 0,25 to 5 

    122000 You save 45200
    Oxygen concentrator S5
    Code: S5

    Adjustable oxygen flow rate: 0.5-5 l/min.
    Oxygen concentration: 93 +/- 3%
    Noise level: < 45 dB
    Weight: 15 kg
    Warranty 3 years 

    122000 You save 45200
  • An oxygen concentrator is a way to saturate the body with the required amount of oxygen for patients with chronic lung diseases. Oxygen is delivered through a special face mask connected to the device or through a nasal cannula (oxygen hoses inserted into each nostril). The higher concentration of oxygen that a person inhales helps to recover from various lung and respiratory diseases where breathing and oxygen absorption in the body is restricted or difficult. In certain cases, oxygen treatment (oxygenotherapy) is also applied, which prolongs life or improves its quality. It is important to note that the use of oxygen production devices and the application of oxygen therapy must be strictly discussed with the attending physician, his recommendations are followed, and the prescribed oxygen dose is followed. Treatment with an oxygen production device can be performed both at home and in medical institutions.