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  • Scales that are convenient and easy to use. Smart solutions greatly simplify the process, as the scales do not need to be turned on or off separately, there are integrated functions, and the results are easy to monitor on the large LCD screen. Choose smart, stylishly designed scales. 

    Personal Scale - Super Slim / Electronic Rossmax WB100
    Code: WB100

    Gradation 100 g.
    Maximum load 180 kg. 

    2590 You save 640
  • The scale is a convenient and irreplaceable device when it comes to actively monitoring weight changes. Proper attention to your body and body allows you to prevent illness or prevent the development of diseases in a timely manner, to monitor changes in sports or to achieve weight loss goals. For these reasons, it is very important that the device is easy to use and accurate. These are the smart scales, most of which deliver extremely accurate results, with integrated sensors and an auto-on feature. State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to perform even everyday procedures even faster and easier, and the exclusive modern design becomes a real decoration of the bathroom or other room.