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Interactive exercise machines

  • Interactive trainers are a modern and advanced solution for rehabilitation centers and other institutions providing medical and sports services. The simulators engage in activities that take place on the principle of the game, being interactive, dynamic. The tool is adapted to work with patients of all ages. 

    Interactive simulator neurorabilitation system Doctor Kinetic
    Code: Doctor Kinetic

    The Neurorabilization system Doctor Kinetic is a great and innovative device for rehabilitation centers 

  • Interactive exercise machines are an advanced approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation procedures. These devices are designed to maximize patient involvement and improve their physical fitness and activity. Workouts with these simulators are engaging and dynamic, presented on a game-by-game basis, where each patient can track their score. There is a possibility to choose different levels of difficulty according to the suitability of the exercises performed and thus encourage to increase the amplitude of movements. Interactive trainers are easy to operate, their functions can be selected according to the patient's body parts to be trained and their condition. These measures not only increase the involvement and motivation of the patients themselves, but also facilitate the work of professionals. Interaktyvieji treniruokliai gali būti pritaikomi dirbant su įvairaus amžiaus, skirtingo fizinio pasirengimo pacientais.