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Balancing instruments

  • Balancing equipment for training, exercise, physiotherapy and rehabilitation classes. The range includes balancing cushions, boards and platforms. The measures are designed to actively and effectively improve balance, develop correct posture, activate muscle function, improve general well-being. 

    Wedge-shaped seating platform
    Code: 47095

    Maximum load: 136kg. 

    Size: 25,5 x 26 cm. 

    Code: 47090

    Diameter: 35cm.

    Maximum load: 136kg.

    Balance cushion 60 cm
    Code: US0508

    Diameter: 60 cm

    Weight: 3.00 kg 

    Balancing platform 45 cm
    Code: US0082

    Diameter: 45 cm;

    Height: 22.5 cm

    Weight: 3.00 kg 

  • Sedentary work, leisure time, long hours of sedentary activity, lack of active movement cause damage to the human body - muscles and their groups weaken, joint mobility deteriorates, posture is directed. The consequences of the trauma or illness significantly affect the general condition of the body and the amplitude of movements. Due to these reasons, pain, discomfort, quality of life deteriorate, movement difficulties and insomnia develop over time. Balancing tools are an easy way to solve these problems systematically, increase body activity and expand mobility. Balancing platforms, cushions and boards can even be used as a preventive measure to prevent all these ailments, to move the body after sitting or other activities.