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Medical Beds

  • Functional nursing beds with adjustment function. The head can be adjusted comfortably, raised and lowered. Functional nursing beds are designed to facilitate the patient’s nursing routine and improve the patient’s own quality of life. 

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  • When caring for a bedridden patient, a functional nursing bed is the first choice that will facilitate the part of the nurse and provide comfort to the patient. 

    Functional nursing beds 

    Nursing beds are medical beds designed specifically for people who need constant care. These are beds that are valued not only for the comfort that patients enjoy, but also for the caring staff, for whom a high-quality and functional bed saves a lot of time and simplifies certain personal care tasks. 

    When it comes to bed functionality, the options are different, so check out the offer and choose the most suitable one. Different nursing beds have different characteristics that guarantee that the patient will feel good and comfortable even during long sleep. 

    How to choose a nursing bed? 

    • When looking for the most suitable bed for you, the most important thing is to consider the maximum load, which usually reaches up to 200 kg. 
    • Also familiarize yourself with the dimensions of the bed, relevant when the patient is very tall. 
    • Evaluate what positions the bed performs, how it can change its position. 
    • Familiarize yourself with the equipment and bed assembly options.