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Medical Mattresses

  • Mattresses for bedsores prevention, treatment and symptom control. Made of high quality materials, comfortable and easy to maintain. Suitable for use in medical facilities and at home. We offer foam, variable pressure and other mattresses for patient comfort. 

  • Mattresses are manufactured to meet the needs of patients as much as possible, to be an effective means of combating bedsores and the discomfort they cause. We offer several different types of mattresses, all made of high quality, easy-care materials. Variable pressure mattresses can be controlled by a compressor and the amount of air in them can be adjusted. These mattresses are made in such a way that special elements protect the patient, he does not fall out of bed, he can rest his head comfortably. Foam mattresses ensure maximum air permeability, so even a patient who stays in bed for a long time can breathe. In our store you can choose goods from different manufacturers and with different features according to your needs and possibilities. 

    You can find a wide selection of bedsores in the Rehastar online store. 

    • Variable pressure (compressor) mattresses are designed to treat bedsores. 
    • Foam mattresses adapt perfectly to the shapes of the human body, have excellent air and moisture circulation. 

    Mattresses against bedsores 

    A modern and comfortable mattress against bed sores will ensure correct posture and comfort. We present different types of variable pressure mattresses for the most diverse needs. With us you will find a wide selection of mattresses at different prices. 

    Each mattress has different features and benefits. Learn more by reading the descriptions of the goods you are interested in. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you choose the mattress that best suits your needs. High quality, modern and comfortable mattresses for bedsores for even better health and comfort! Get the mattresses you want at good prices and enjoy a light and comfortable stay. 

    Types of bedsores 

    A bedsores is a local ischemic lesion of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and deeper tissues that develops due to impaired blood circulation, oxygen supply and tissue malnutrition in the pressurized areas of the body. Ulcers can occur in severe patients who, due to functional impairment, are forced to sit or lie down for long periods of time without changing body position, in the same posture. It is a wound that covers the skin and deeper layers - the subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscles due to circulatory disorders. 

    The most common sores occur: the sacrum, elbows, shoulders, occiput, heels, outer knees, below the hip, shoulder and cheek. It can also be said that bedsores can occur in virtually anywhere on the surface of the body. 

    The main sites of bedsores 

    • Occipital
    • Ears
    • Shoulders
    • Spine
    • Elbows
    • Hip wings
    • Sacrum and caudal bone
    • Sciatic tubercles
    • Femoral tuber
    • Legs knee
    • Ankle
    • Heels
    • Fingers 

    It should be borne in mind that bedsores can also develop due to the long-term effects of external devices on the skin and mucous membranes, such as: 

    • Oxygen supply
    • Probes
    • Catheters
    • Splints, etc. 

    There are two main reasons: 

    Mechanical damage: prolonged pressure in one place, tearing of tissues - when the deeper layers of the growth are simply torn off the skin by improperly translating and transferring the bed. (photo)
    metabolic disorders - mainly protein deficiency, anemia (low hemoglobin), skin sensory disorders in the elderly, skin maceration, fever, general and local infections.
    A distinction is also made between primary and secondary causes of bedsores. 

    Primary - mechanical damage to soft tissue structures, compression, tension, friction.
    Secondary - weakness in general physical and immune status, anemia, protein deficiency, fever, skin sensory impairment in old age or diabetes, skin disorders. 

    Bed sores are classified according to their depth: 

    Stage I - reddening of the skin - does not disappear after changing the patient's position. (bad if it is ignored).

    Skin care: 

    Stage II - superficial skin cracking, ulceration.

    Stage III - The ulcer involves the subcutaneous tissue.

    Stage IV - ulceration includes fascia, muscles, bones. 

    Prevention of bedsores:
    Prevention of bedsores is paramount. It consists of the following three main parts: reduction of pressure, skin care and effective treatment of existing bedsores. 

    Skin care: 

    The patient’s sweat, urine, and feces form a suitable medium for skin erosions and bedsores, so proper patient skin hygiene is essential. Only special care products should be used for body skin care - creams, lotions. It is necessary to keep in mind the cheapest preventive measures - to constantly wash the patient with warm water and soap. It is not recommended to massage those areas of the body where there is a permanent redness. The use of alcoholic solutions is also not recommended - they dry out or irritate the skin. 

    Pressure reduction 

    Reducing the pressure of the most vulnerable parts of the body in this respect is achieved by various special devices and devices. To avoid pressure on the tissues, a patient who is forced to lie down for a long time due to the disease should be treated every 2 hours, which improves blood circulation to the skin. using a comfortable, well-ventilated seating or reclining support surface. 

    To prevent sores under the sacrum or on the heel, wheels of various sizes wrapped in linen can be used. The patient's deck on which he / she lies must be free of wrinkles, the bedding must be clean, made of naruric fiber, so as not to cause an allergic skin reaction, absorbing sweat and allowing air to pass through. The patient's clothing should be made of natural fiber, it should be comfortable, soft and not tighten the body. The base on which the patient sits or lies must be comfortable. 

    For the prevention of ulcers - nursing devices used to increase pressure: 

    • Bedding against buckwheat husks - grain husks are slippery, so the mattress adapts easily to the body. 
    • Universal mattress against bedsores 
    • Cushions for the prevention of heel, pelvic, elbow sores. 
    • Mattress for the treatment of pelvic bedsores - with special holes for air circulation, improves microcirculation - the tissues are better supplied with nutrients 
    • Key pressure points depending on patient position.