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Wrist straps

  • Wrist straps for safety. The measure is designed to effectively and quickly limit the patient's mobility, restrict movement, thus protecting him and those around him from health hazards. The belts are made of a combination of natural fiber and polyester, they are strong and of high quality. 

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  • High-quality wrist straps make it possible to ensure maximum safety for the patient and the staff caring for him.  The straps are conveniently secured with magnetic buckles that cannot be removed by the patient. Wrist straps reliably restrict mobility and movement, allowing physicians and nursing staff to safely perform examinations or necessary procedures. These measures help prevent injury, damage to health, or even life-threatening risks for the patient and others. The belts are made of high quality materials, so they are strong and do not wear out quickly. The lock is activated quickly and conveniently, so an immediate response is possible as soon as aids are needed.