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Blood glucose meters

  • High-quality, high-precision glucose meters for periodic monitoring of blood glucose and its change in the blood. The devices are usually controlled, making them ideal for self-use. Blood glucose is measured using glucose measuring tapes. 

    Test strips for the glucometer Medisana MediTouch 2
    Code: MD-79038

     For the Medisana MediTouch device. 

    Blood glucose meter Medisana MediTouch 2
    Code: 79030

    results are shown both before and after meals;
    possible sound reminder of the test;
    calculates averages of results for various periods (7/14/30/90 days);
    memory of up to 480 measurements;
    automatic ketone alert;
    blood glucose measurement takes just 5 seconds;
    0.6 μL of blood is sufficient for measurement; 

    GIMA GLUCOSE MONITOR KIT mg/dL with Bluetooth
    Code: 24114

    Test time: 5 seconds
    0.6 µL of blood is enough for the measurement
    Hematocrit range: 10-70%
    Memory - up to 1,000 test results with date and time.
    7, 14, 30, 60, 90 day blood glucose level average 

  • Monitoring your blood glucose is the key to controlling your diabetes. 

    Studies show that no matter what type 1 or type 2 CD you have, the lower the level of HbA1c, the more often you test your glycemia. The result is twice as good when measuring blood glucose 5-7 times a week than without measuring it. 

    Just a drop in the blood glucose meter is enough to see the results. After a few seconds, the screen will display results that will allow you to assess the condition of your body and at the same time decide if you need medication. They allow you to take care of yourself without the help of specialists. 

    An innovative blood glucose meter can help you not only measure your blood glucose, but also provide additional indicators such as cholesterol, uric acid, hemoglobin or triglycerides. One device will help to assess the condition of your body much more widely, monitor its changes and also help the body to adapt properly. For some people, medication is part of their daily routine, but to reduce the amount of fruit you consume, drink it only when needed.