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  • Inhalers for children and adults. Efficient and functional devices from reliable manufacturers. Easy and convenient to operate, quite compact and has a sleek design. Choose from a wide range of high quality models to suit your features and needs. 

    Piston Nebulizer Rossmax NE100
    Code: Rossmax NE100

    Vaporized particle size MMAD ≤ 2.6µm
    Absorbable Particle Rate (FPD) 80-85%
    Flow ≥0.35 ml/min. 

    Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer
    Code: Rossmax NA100

    The patented drug container with an adjustable valve allows you to choose the intensity of drug vaporization from 0.15 to 0.4 ml/min;
    Vaporized particle size MMAD ≤ 2.2 µm;
    Absorbable particle rate (FPD) 80-85%; 

    Children's inhaler Rossmax NI60 "Fainulis" (Switzerland)
    Code: Rossmax NI60 "Fainulis" (Šveicarija)
    Children's inhaler Rossmax NI60 "Fainulis" (Switzerland)
    Code: Rossmax NI60 "Fainulis" (Šveicarija)

    Vaporized particle size MMAD ≤ 2.6µm,
    Absorbable Particle Rate (FPD) 75-80%
    Adjustable flow 0.08-0.2 ml/min. 

  • Inhalers for even easier breathing. 

    Do you suffer from runny nose, colds and other recurrent respiratory infections? It's time to end it. Modern compressor inhalers are the ideal way to relieve respiratory illness and ensure even better health. The compressor inhaler is perfect for both asthma sufferers and those suffering from common respiratory diseases, it will facilitate expectoration and breathing processes, especially in the cold season when viruses attack. 

    Use in illness and prevention.

    The inhaler acts as an excellent aid in the fight against runny nose, cough and other respiratory diseases: laryngitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. It is important to note that to ensure a better effect of the procedures, it is recommended to use the inhaler prophylactically, even when you are not ill. This will help prevent potential illnesses and make it much quicker and easier to deal with them once they start without any means. 

    How to use the inhaler? 

    An inhaler is a device that performs inhalations and breathes vapors of salt or various healing essential oils. The type of device also depends on the type of inhalation - there are many different inhalers with different uses. 

    Inhalation of vapors by inhalation through the mouth and by inhalation through the nose. The duration of one procedure can take about 15-20 minutes. You will feel for yourself how many such procedures you need to perform in a day. The inhaler will make breathing easier, so it is good to use it until you feel relief. To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to use the inhaler every day during illness, and do not forget to take advantage of its benefits and prophylaxis from time to time. 

    Inhalers for adults and children 

    The inhaler is a universal respirator that is suitable for both adults and babies and children, regardless of age. In addition to the usual inhalers, we also have inhalers with masks specially designed for children. 

    We offer a wide range of products at different prices. A simple compressor inhaler can cost very little and its benefits are very great. Don't miss the opportunity to buy these devices and invest in your health - from now on you will be accompanied by freshness, light and fresh breath, you will experience far fewer complications from colds. 

    Modern, high-quality inhalers will help you forget about runny nose, cough and the cold symptoms. We supply products from the most reliable manufacturers at favorable and affordable prices for the customer.