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  • For everyone who is active, sports and wants to follow their results. Pedometers will help you find out how many calories you have burned, how far you have walked, run, or cycled, track your heart rate, or just find out the current time. 

  • Pedometers are popular not only among people who promote an active life, but also among people who want to always see the messages they receive on their phones. With Bluetooth, you can easily connect the pedometer to your smartphone. This way, you will see incoming SMS messages, incoming calls or incoming messages on social networks.
    With the help of pedometers, you can usually monitor important indicators of your health. Blood pressure (blood pressure measurement function), blood oxygen level (pulse oximeter function), sleep quality. You will be able to monitor all of these and other indicators in the dedicated software on your phone. We ensure that the pedometers we sell are running smoothly and have the best value for money on the market.