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Massage baths

  • The range of hot tubs includes conventional underwater, hydromassage baths and innovative dry massage baths. The measures are designed to massage the whole body, relax tense areas, reduce pain caused by injuries or illnesses and other discomfort. 

  • Whirlpool baths are functional and versatile devices that can be used for several different procedures. Depending on the tool chosen, it may be suitable for use as a pearl, whirlpool or aromatherapy bath. Massage baths effectively massage the whole body, relax it, eliminate the accumulated tension and pain, improve blood circulation, resulting in improved sleep quality and the general condition of the body. Jacuzzis are suitable for use in rehabilitation, wellness and beauty centers, spas. Innovative solutions for dry massage baths keep the body dry thanks to a special membrane technology, and the effectiveness of the massage is not compromised.