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Movement Therapy Devices

  • Therapeutic trainers are intended for use in medical institutions, rehabilitation and other centers, at home. Effectively helps to increase patients' activity and improve their physical condition, increase their motivation and involvement in procedures. The trainers have a modern design and are comfortable to operate. 

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  • Therapeutic trainers are a way to give more dynamism to your workouts, increase patients' willingness to get involved, and strive to monitor their own results and progress. These simulators are manufactured in accordance with the needs and possibilities of modern medicine, they are surprisingly attractive, easy to operate, wide range of applications. Some models of therapeutic exercise machines are perfect for use at home, to improve physical fitness, and to train muscles. This is especially true for people suffering from sedentary lifestyles whose muscle groups are weakened. Interactive therapeutic trainers are designed for professional use in medical facilities, where they can be adapted to the individual condition of the patient, adjusted to focus on training a specific area of ​​the body.