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Orthopedic Splints

  • Orthopedic splints are an effective way to deal with pain in different parts of the body. The splints support damaged, traumatized or various inflamed joints, stretched muscles, making movements freer and less painful. 

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  • Orthopedic splints can be used in most cases. One of the most common reasons is the rehabilitation period, when it is necessary to maintain the joint, muscles and other tissues in case of trauma, injury or suffering from inflammation. In such cases, orthopedic splints accelerate the healing process, make it easier to move and feel less pain. Orthopedic splints can also act as a corrective measure - straightening the spine, improving posture, helping to develop a correct posture and other problems. These splints are made of special materials that fit snugly to the body and maximally conform to the inclinations of each part of the body, are plastic and do not impede movements. Orthopedic splints can be chosen from a wide range, they are made especially for every part of the body. There may be knee, ankle, wrist, lumbar and other types of orthopedic splints.