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Posture correction measures

  • Posture adjusters - standard and smart back posture adjusters. The tools are easy to use, can be worn under clothing, so they are not visible and the effectiveness of the benefits is not reduced. High quality, safe to use regardless of physical fitness. 

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  • We suggest choosing posture adjustments based on the needs of each patient. The range includes standard, standard posture adjusters and smart tools. Both products are conveniently attached to the body, are ergonomic, do not restrict movement, do not press on the back or chest area. Posture correction measures help maintain a normal posture, not squat, which reduces back pain and other problems caused by irregular posture. Smart adjusters remind you of deviations with a vibrating signal that encourages stretching. These devices are charged via a USB connection, which does not take up much space, so it is convenient to have it with you everywhere. Posture adjustment tools can be used at any active time.