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Half Round Foam Rollers

  • A versatile, multi-procedure rehabilitation crescent can increase the efficiency of the procedure and provide more comfort. These tools are suitable for supporting various parts of the body (head, knees, ankles), for use in various exercises, different workouts. 

    3700 - 7300
    Half-Round Foam Roller
    Code: PL

    Half roll for rehabilitation 

    3700 - 7300
  • Hemispheric rehabilitation is a widely used tool that is suitable for many different exercises. These products are used not only by rehabilitation centers and other types of medical institutions, but also by sports studios and massage parlors. Semi-rollers are a universal tool that is suitable for rehabilitation exercises, physiotherapy or various exercises. They are also used by different sports as additional equipment during training. Rehabilitation hemispheres are perfect for performing sports, classical or other types of massages. It is a tool that can be used not only as an attribute of sports, but also to increase patient comfort, efficiency of the procedure. These coils are commonly used as supports or elevations for the legs and head. Semi-rollers can be of different colors, so they can be easily combined with various interior solutions.