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Posture Mirrors

  • Professional tools - corrective mirrors - are needed to perform posture assessment effectively and informatively. Correction mirrors are made of safe materials and have special correction grids on the surface, so the position of the posture can be seen comfortably and clearly. 

  • Problems with joints or muscles in the spine and other parts of the body usually cause not only discomfort or pain, but also other ailments. One of the most serious problems is postural defects, which can be caused not only by illness or injury, but also by long work at the computer, irregular sitting, heavy load and uneven distribution, changes in muscle tone and many other aspects. A thorough analysis of the situation and an accurate assessment are needed to provide the most effective and appropriate assistance in each case. This makes it much easier to achieve results with professional solutions. Corrective mirrors are a convenient solution for both the patient and the doctor, which clearly shows the posture problems and their extent.