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Resistance Bands

  • Resistance rubbers and belts - means for training, exercise, rehabilitation. The rubbers and belts are suitable for professional use, in the gym or during physiotherapy sessions, as well as during exercises at home. A practical and economical choice. 

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  • Resistance bands and straps are a versatile tool for performing many warm-up and exercise exercises. These measures differ in the level of elasticity and resistance, so it is possible to choose products according to the needs, the planned intensity of training, the condition of patients. The rubbers and belts are compact in size, do not take up much space either in the hall or at home, if necessary, they can even be carried with you, travel and continue rehabilitation or do not interrupt training even on trips or holidays. In the range of resistance rubbers you will find various options, among which professional athletes, amateur trainers, trainers, physiotherapists and other specialists will choose the right ones.