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Pediatric Exam & Treatment Tables

  • Development tables for the comfortable and safe development of babies and other care procedures are easy to use, provide comfort for both the caregivers and the baby itself. Development tables can be of different models and sizes, so it is easy to choose them according to the needs and specifics of the room. 

  • Development tables must be not only comfortable but also safe. Most of them are made to be as stable as possible, to ensure the safety of the baby, and to avoid sharp corners and hard edges. The perimeter of the developmental part is protected by soft elements to prevent injury to the baby. Raised curbs protect against the risk of falling. Baby development tables can be built or attached to a wall or other surface. Built-in development tables usually come with shelves or cabinets for extra items. Most products of this type are mobile, easily moved from one place to another, thus ensuring maximum comfort in the event of changing conditions or needs. All baby development tables are made of high quality materials, therefore they meet the requirements of safety and quality, they can be used in medical or other institutions.