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  • Convenient turnstiles for tightening and releasing with one hand are designed to be used both professionally and to ensure effective first aid on their own, as well as in treatment rooms. The main purpose of turnstiles is to reliably stop bleeding in the extremities. 

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  • Bandages for stopping bleeding (or turnstiles) are made of high quality materials that ensure their elasticity. Turnstiles are usually used both professionally in medical institutions, in procedures for blood collection procedures, and independently, as a first aid measure. These ligaments are effective in stopping bleeding in the extremities, making it possible to prevent bleeding and other serious health problems while waiting for help from medics. Turnstiles are made in such a way that they can be tightened and released with one hand, thus ensuring not only convenience for the doctor, but also the possibility for the injured person to tighten the ligament with one hand. Bandages to stop bleeding can be of different colors and dimensions.