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Air purifiers and ionizers

  • Air purifiers and ionizers are advanced tools for protecting and purifying indoor air, removing smoke, dust, unwanted odors and germs. These devices are a simple way to breathe cleaner and cleaner air and improve its quality. 

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  • Many dusts, volatile substances, microbes and other substances harmful to health in the premises can not only make breathing difficult, but also provoke diseases, and in the premises where patients are cared for - their condition can significantly deteriorate, cause allergies and other adverse reactions. The operation of air purifiers and ionizers is based on advanced technologies, therefore reliably and effectively removes air dust, pollen, animal dander residues, mold spores, residues of various chemicals, detergents, and unwanted odors from the room. In the rooms where these devices are used, air quality and the well-being of people are significantly improved. These devices are recommended for use in small rooms where air quality is particularly important: wards, offices where more people work.