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Light therapy

  • Light is a source of life and energy.

    Like water or air, it is essential for the physiological processes of our body.

    Light therapy is a great way to combat the lack of sunlight in the cold season. 

    Light therapy lamp L3
    Code: L3

    Light source: LED

    Working time (hours): 50000

    Power supply: 24V 1A

    Certificate: CE ROHS FCC

    Light color: White +Yellow   

  • Many people experience unpleasant symptoms during the dark period of the year, such as lack of energy, feeling sluggish, drowsy, tired or even apathetic. All these symptoms negatively affect a person's daily life, working capacity and social life. All these unpleasant sensations can be caused by a lack of sunlight. Therefore, we offer you the ideal solution - the anti-depressant light therapy lamp.
    These daylight lamps use LED technology and are compact, so they will take up very little space on your desk. Most often, the therapy lamp emits a bright light of up to 10,000 lux, which is a perfect representation of natural sunlight and is great for fighting depression, drowsiness or fatigue.