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Lymphatic drainage apparatus

  • Lymphatic drainage devices are intended for use both in medical institutions and in beauty care centers. These devices improve the overall condition of the body and help solve beauty problems. You can choose from different models, devices for different parts of the body and their accessories. 

  • Lymphatic drainage devices perform the functions of pressure massage or compression therapy. This procedure improves blood circulation, lymph circulation in the body - especially in the hands, feet, lumbar region, so the body relaxes and tension is reduced. Lymphatic drainage devices are widely used for both health and beauty purposes. The principle of operation of these measures is safe and appropriate for patients of different ages and with different problems. Lymphatic drainage devices work with special cuffs that are fixed in different parts of the body. These cuffs are made up of air chambers that, when filled with air, feel the pressure of the massage. Depending on the lymphatic drainage device, different treatment modes can be selected, the intensity of compression can be adjusted.