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Equipment for electrical stimulation

  • Devices for electrostimulation are high-quality, modern equipment designed to effectively stimulate different parts of the body and achieve the highest rehabilitation results. During electrostimulation, tissues are stimulated with electrical impulses, thereby reducing muscle tension and reducing pain. Any beginner athlete or physically active person will agree that muscle soreness is not the most pleasant part of physical activity. In any case, although these effects can be avoided by properly choosing the load, performing warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after training, muscle pain sometimes strikes before you even think about it. 

    Stimulator TENS Sonic Stim +
    Code: K-CT1032

    Ultrasound frequency for optimal tissue penetration;
    15V adapter;
    Medical device certificate CE0123. 

    Muscle stimulator unit Sports TENS 2
    Code: K-ST2-SP

    27 EMS programs, 10 TENS programs, 10 massage programs and 8 individually configurable programs;
    Memory up to 30 days for a training program consisting of 3 times of use per day;
    Rechargeable, light and compact Li-on battery;
    External charger included; 

    Stimulator TENS Perfect EMS
    Code: K-PEMS

    Amplitude (mA): 90 (Max.)

    Frequency (Hz): TENS: 1-120; EMS: 1-80

    Pulse width: TENS: 50 - 250; EMS: 50 - 350

    Dimensions (mm): 120 x 60 x 20 

    Electric stimulator TENS Ova+
    Code: K-OVA

    Amplitude (mA): 52 (Max.)

    Frequency (Hz): 10-110

    Dimensions (mm): 65 x 38 x 10 

    Electrical stimulator TENS Flexistim
    Code: K-FLEXM

    Amplitude (mA): TENS: 80; EMS: 99; IFT: 60; MIC: 700

    Frequency (Hz): TENS: 2-150; EMS: 10 - 120; IFT: 2-160; MIC: 0.5-50

    Pulse width: TENS: 50-300; EMS: 100 - 350; IFT: 125; MIC: 10-99

    Dimensions (mm): 123 x 61 x 22 

    Stimulator TENS Perfect Pain Relief
    Code: K-PERFECT

    Amplitude (mA): 60 (Max.)

    Frequency (Hz): 2 - 150

    Pulse width: 50-250

    Dimensions (mm): 120 x 60 x 20 

    TT 200 3 in 1 Electro Therapy Device
    Code: 88357

    Medisana TT 200 electrostimulator - 3 different programs: acupuncture, stimulation with electrical impulses, muscle stimulation.

    Medisana TT 200 electrostimulator;
    4 electrodes;
    2 connection cables;
    4 power cells (AAA, LR03) 1.5 V;
    1 tray;
    user's manual. 

    Myo-Fit 2 electronic stimulator
    Code: Medel Myo Fit 2
    9500 You save 1600
    Myo-Fit 2 electronic stimulator
    Code: Medel Myo Fit 2

    Number of channels - 2 (at the same time)
    Current consumption in channel 0 - 60 Ma
    Wave type - Biphasic, symmetrical, square
    Maximum frequency - 1-120 hz.
    Amplitude - 50-400 μs.
    Power source - 4 batteries 1.5 V AAA
    Dimensions - 122 x 65 x 20 mm 

    9500 You save 1600
    33700 - 34200
    Infrared examination lamp Infra Plus with timer

    150W or 250W  

    33700 - 34200
    29600 - 30200
    Infrared examination lamp Infra Plus
    Code: Infra Plus

    150W or 250W  

    29600 - 30200
  • Most electrostimulation devices can be used both professionally and for personal use at home. This is one of the most effective ways to combat muscle tension and pain. Electric pulses stimulate the damaged, inflamed parts of the body very precisely, they affect the very focus of pain, so the results are quickly noticeable. Electrostimulation devices can be of different types and models, many of them are conveniently controlled, the screens clearly show information, the intensity of the procedure and other indicators. A wide selection of programs ensures that it will be possible to choose the most suitable mode and intensity of therapy in each case. Electrostimulation is often combined with usual, traditional rehabilitation solutions, kinesitherapy. These are complementary methods of treatment and prevention.